Issue №5 (57) May 2015

Guest online

«After the breakdown of USSR we have become negative to everything what is connected with the past regime»
A. S. V.


Personnel supply of population’s financial literacy rise programs’ realization
K. I. H., P. P. A.

Investment projecting development in the sphere of parking space organization вy the example of St. Petersburg
I. B. V., S. K. S.

Strategic Marketing planning as a tool for effective territorial development
I. R. V., N. U. V., E. K. S.

Theoretical problems of pricing in modern economy
V. S. V., A. P. D., E. S. R.

Human resource management: the urgent tendencies
I. S. A., A. S. V.

Accounting policy of organization as a tool of tax planning
L. T. N., I. N. Y.

Social Sciences

Concepts’ development about youth’s value in the process of society’s historical development
T. V. S.

The factors of society’s self-organization mechanisms’ development
M. E. V.

Critical pedagogy as the foundations of citizen responsibility
I. Z. M.

Interaction of a state and noncommercial organizations in social support of a family
B. I. T.

The urgent problems of preparation organization to volunteer activity in the conditions of big cities
M. M. V.

Sport-martial arts in modern culture: the problem of traditions and innovations’ correlation
O. S. I.

Activity of families as a factor of medical aid availability for disabled children
A. S. V., E. G. A.

Transformation of rural territorial communities in the conditions of village-forming enterprises liquidation
V. F. Y.

The specific functions of additional education organizations in advanced professional training of «dual profession» workers
K. H. L.

Attitude to religion among students
E. S. V.


Final control as a mean of students’ education intensification
E. B. Y.

Investigation of structural components of medical students’ emotional intelligence
V. N. V.

About the mechanism of non-linguistic students’ linguistic competence
T. P. A.

Municipal resource center and its opportunities for providing educational services system
L. R. V.

Application of comics for French language teaching and formation of intercultural competence
A. R. I.