Issue №4 (56) April 2015

Guest online

«On the edge of ages the transformation of our society has become a challenge for domestic researchers»
E. B. S.


The domestic steel industry in the world trade organization
M. B. V., O. T. V.

Theoretical aspects of international economic integration in the world economy
D. V. K.

Innovative territorial clusters’ influence on social and economic development of regions
O. G. S.

Diagnosis method of regional innovative complexes
D. G. V.

Support of small business as a base for food security of Russia
E. K. I.

Formation of strategic plan of entrepreneurship activity structure in the filed of software products’ production
I. P. E.

Regional financial integration in developing countries
I. P. A.

Ratio dialectics of market and planned constituents in economy
G. S. N.

Social Sciences

Web analysis in the study of discourse by the example of the internet users’ comments
K. G. E.

Family ethnocultural identity in heterogenous rural space: local dimension
Ch. I. I.

Active essence of social praxis in understanding of K. Marx 75
P. K. N.

Economic activities and routines of contemporary Russian women: sociological views
A. M. V.


An investigation of competences in the field of cross-cultural relations for psychology students
E. D. I., S. B. I.

The advantages and disadvantages of massive open online courses
S. Z. A.

The role of trainings for development of students’ cognitive activity in the frames of professional self-determination
S. K. N., E. C. A., R. R. V., N. A. F.

The formation of students’ creative independence
A. K. V.

Students’ ability to emotional interrelation in medical university
V. N. V.

Lesson as mean of universal educative actions system’s realization
T. O. V.

Psychological and pedagogical culture’s formation conditions of academic-research activity for the freshmen during studying of English
E. S. V.

The model of readiness for continuous education of technical colleges students
J. S. N.

Indices of social competence’s appearance of schoolchild
E. C. S.