Issue №3 (55) March 2015

Guest online

«Unfortunately, former soviet republics have grown not one but two generations in the conditions of aggressive anti-Russian propaganda»
N. T. N.


EU strategy of innovative development to the end of 2020
E. G. Y.

Development of world financial system in post-crisis period
M. G. I.

System principle as an element of marketing potential’s efficiency of the territory
E. K. S.

Internet trading: problems and development perspectives
L. O. S., A. O. V.

The role of public-economic ways in society’s social structure formation
Z. R. V.

The key problems of programs’ realization for population’s financial competence rise
D. T. S.

Russian external economic activity development perspectives in the conditions of international isolation and economic sanctions
O. Y. V.

Social Sciences

Marketing of loneliness
B. B. Y., A. K. I.

Social and economic aspects of labor mobility stimulation in Russia
R. B. S.

Event managers: characteristics and practices for introduction in professional field
A. V. S., N. S. N.

The conditions and meanings of the positive way of ethno-cultural enclaves’ development in the American cities
Y. K. F.

School-leavers’ requirement in technical education
A. M. V., O. A. Y.

Public relations as an important element of information and communication space of modern Russia
A. N. F.

Social specificity of managerial relations
K. S. B.


Pedagogical conditions in forming of psychological of stress resistance determinants in EMERCOM high school
T. V. S., A. K. A.

The phenomenon of optimism as a factor of subjective well-being of person in flight attendants’ professional activities
E. J. V., E. M. E.

Research competence of masters: structural and content analysis
L. K. P.

Interactive forms of education application in pedagogical university’s educational process
L. S. F.

The technology of context education for social pedagogues’ training at universities
O. T. S.

Educational situation modeling as a way to independent work skills’ formation
A. S. V.