Issue №2 (54) February 2015

Guest online

«Russian language is the most widespread in Germany after German one»
Sebastian R.


Content of disability: reflexive analysis
G. B. V.

Political aspect of the geographical determinism concept
V. V. V., S. L. A.

Language communicative games of postmodernism as a reflection of cultural diffusion
N. Z. A.

Aesthetic nature of musical ensemble
V. K. V.

Problem of social mind in the light of existential approach
A. P. R.

Categorial studying of alienation in scientific space of religious and urbanistic sociology
K. P. I.

Sport and martial arts as a phenomenon of modern ecological culture
O. S. I.

Peculiarities of religious mind’s social formation
M. S. A.


Regional aspects of consolidated taxpayer’s institute activity in Russia
M. B. V., V. G. A.

Parity management system formation problems on the modern stage
M. Z. Y., M. S. A.

Reform of budget process management: transition to program-targeted approach in regions’ budget planning
S. M. N., V. K. V.

Social Sciences

Student youth: behavioral risks in attitude to health
N. A. L.

Social capital’s function at the regional labor market
D. G. N.

Social partnership in the sphere of culture: perspectives and development ways
N. M. V.

Sociological context of limits’ defining on local labor markets
V. F. Y., T. Z. V.

Professional plans of school-leavers in the context of the situation on regional labor market
M. C. S.


Ethno-psycho-linguistic approach to foreign language teaching (extralinguistic university)
I. A. N.

Preparation of primary school teachers to the development schoolboys personalities in ethno-cultural educational space
P. A. A., A. R. V.

Graphic draft for representation as a criterion of specialized picture education’s evaluation
O. V. A.

Vocal behavior strategies in foreign languages teacher’s training
M. S. V., M. M. V., O. K. G.


The problem of correlation between author and main character by the example of novel by A. I. Tsvetaeva «Amor»
E. Z. A.