Issue №1 (53) January 2015

Guest online

«Urban planning specialists are very rare»
S. P. P.


The concept «new terrorism»: pros and cons
V. C. V., A. I. V.

Manorial estates of Russia: general review
R. S. Y.


Intangible assets of universities: stocktaking peculiarities and application potential
A. A. V.

Theoretical approaches to economic systems’ management social sciences
D. B. V.

Situational factors of consumer preferences
Y. E. N., Y. N. B.

Development of regional executive authority’s efficiency evaluation method
N. I. N., O. B. V., H. B. M.

Youth policy as a factor of territorial development by the example of Kurgan oblast
O. K. A., N. S. S.

Problems of guaranteeing truthfulness of accounting (financial) reporting in Russia
E. S. G., J. P. A.

Problems of human’s capital degradation in the context of food import substitution
V. F. Y.


Newsworthiness as a main factor of event’s development
J. A. A.

Concept model of future teachers’ professional values development
N. A. A., E. M. A.

Application of electronic module of students’ progress and attendance in technical university
S. G. R.

Personalized educational route of teacher-musician
O. D. V.

Modeling of professional-communicative orientation’s formation process for students of juridical profile
Y. I. G.

Improving of academic motivation by means of setting unsupervised tasks in foreign languages
O. K. L.

Formation of cossacks’ culture basics as a subject of pedagogical research
E. K. I., N. A. A.

Public orientation of freshman student personality in the process of adaptation to education in university
T. J. Y., N. K. M., M. E. A.

Meaning of communicative tolerance development for students in socio-cultural environment of medical university
L. P. I., V. N. V.

The forth stage in formation of competence approach in domestic education
A. S. V.


Influence of vocal factors on rise of profession’s image
T. V. S.

Decontestation of the concept «sovereignty» in disputes about independence of Kosovo
M. G. O.

Oriental motives in the eastern story «Golden rod» by M. M. Kheraskov
Faezeh K.