Issue №11 (52) December 2014

Guest online

«We understand Confucius Institute as a space for two cultures’ interaction»
M. G. O.


The modern agriculturist: peasant or farmer?
A. K. A.

The sociological and philosophical understanding of the property relations of the transforming society
G. L. I., I. C. A.

Discourse court decision: philosophical and legal aspects
A. P. M.

National and cultural unions: social and philosophical approach
A. K. N.

Peculiarities of Russian civil-legal consciousness and bureaucratic mentality
G. T. L.


Key problems of fiscal federalism development in Russia
R. B. H., A. A. V., A. T. I.

Functions of phenomenon as a scientific problem
O. E. N.

Strategies and methods of municipal property efficient management evaluation
N. Z. A.

Organizational and economic aspects of resource potential development activation for depressive territories
T. I. V., T. C. V.

Strategic priorities in Russian economy development
A. M. M., N. K. A., D. K. E.

Socio-economic problems and the problems of modernization of modern Russia
L. N. E., Y. M. I.

The state and perspectives of entrepreneurial structures’ development with cooperation with state support system
I. P. A.

Problems and perspectives of nanotech industry’s institutional development in modern Russia
V. R. V.

The key factors analysis of branding
S. S. G., M. K. L.

Social Sciences

Communications with the public as a conventional interaction
G. G. I.

Age dynamics of representations about personal emotional-personality wealth for men and women
L. K. V.

State policy realization analysis in the sphere of orphanage in Zabaykalskykrai
E. K. N.

Discourse change of «country» concept in socio-cultural space of USSR and Russia (1984-2013)
G. K. D.

Population’s ecological and valeological health on the Ural territories with radioactive contamination
B. P. S., E. P. V., N. R. I.

The problems of resort-recreation development of North Ossetia: retrospective analysis
E. R. M.

Pseudomorph type of cultural identity for assimilate small ethnic groups
D. S. B.


Promotion of regional university in the international educational space
N. D. V.

Modern theoretical-applied principles of adaptive educative program complexes’ development
L. O. S.

Methodology of pedagogic experiment testing and results of experience-experimental work
O. S. V.

Pedagogue’s mathematic culture formation
N. U. S., A. U. U.


Censorship on the Internet: historical aspect and modern experience
A. V. G.