Issue №10 (51) November 2014

Guest online

«Russia has reached unstable but a real degree of balance between population growth and economics»
A. K. I.


Society and religious dimension of Russian Marxism in the works by V. D. Jukotsky
R. B. A., O. P. V.

Skepticism as a «right» philosophy or three stages of discourse realism
D. G. A.

Social ontology in the late middle ages
O. D. B.

Visualization as a phenomenon of a modern media society
A. D. V.

Kenosis as a philosophical concept
J. D. K.

Ideology: topology, genealogy and definition
L. L. I.

Property in socio-philosophical dimension: key ways and approaches
G. L. I., I. C. A.


Risks of information systems’ development for government service sphere
K. K. V.

Supervisory-regulative policy of Bank of Russia
E. M. F., R. S. M., I. K. R.

Competitive analysis of engineering field in the Republic of Tatarstan
E. R. S., E. S. I.

The essence of modern promotion strategy of mobile communication companies’ services
A. R. Y.

Social Sciences

Visual representation of the concept «politician» in the political discourse
J. A. V.

Social goods: the problem of the concept’s complexity
N. K. M.

Effect of the crisis in 2007-2009 on foreign-policy consciousness of the US
D. N. P.

Narrative history and «life world» of Russian community in Mongolia
D. S. B.

The problems of population’s adaptation to village-forming enterprise liquidation
V. F. Y., T. Z. V.


Content and methods of teenagers’ intercultural competence development
K. A. I.

Research of conflictogenic factors in pedagogical interrelations in university
E. I. S.

The main development aspects of innovative activity in Tskhinvali diversified college
G. K. R.

Formation of linguistic and methodological competence of a young primary school teacher
D. K. L., N. G. D.

Transformation of physics teaching methods for foreign students’ training
S. K. A.

The problems of pedagogue-musician training: comparative approach
K. M. I.

Recent approaches to grammar teaching for communicative purposes
Е. К. А.


«Canto XX» of Ezra Pound and some features of its poetics
A. V. I.