Issue №9 (50) October 2014

Guest online

«In Soviet time they hadn’t an aim to teach soviet people to speak foreign languages»
L. K. I.


Interaction of cultures: a problem of terminology
A. M. V., L. G. A.

Factors of mentality’s determination and its dynamics
G. T. L.


Entrepreneurship development perspectives in agriculture by the example of husbandry branch
G. B. A.

Innovations as a key factor of countries’ development
Y. V. V.

Retrospective analysis of speculative capital market development
A. Z. S.

Approaches to the delimitation of the urban
N. I. R.

Analysis of national innovative systems of leading foreign countries and Russia
M. M. V.

Peculiarities of accounting policy development for small enterprises with simplified tax system
T. M. V., E. S. G.

Modern approach to social systems’ management
J. T. G.

Economic aspects of bio-fuel world market in current dynamics of oil prices
S. C. Y.

Social Sciences

Russian safety concepts peculiarities
O. Z. Y.

Entrepreneurial culture development perspectives for Russian youth
Z. C. A.


Possibilities of multimedia application in educational process
O. A. B., N. V. O.

Realization of competence approach to specialists’ training in educational-industrial cluster
E. B. P.

Professionally-oriented situations in pedagogical education: essence, projecting and realization
E. D. V.

Support of education’s continuity of pedagogical workers in the organizations of additional professional education
N. D. V.

Context education in solving problems of the subject «Marketing of territories»
V. F. Y.

Modeling of competence-oriented training of students for professional activity in the conditions of unforeseen risks
P. S. V., M. O. D.


Elizabeth Wolff – the translator of the roman «Adele and Theodore» by Madame de Genlis: the problem of upbringing
A. M. N., S. T. I.

Linguistic image of forest in autobiographical works about childhood
V. S. V.

The place of «Three loves» among other literary works by archibald Joseph Cronin
T. B. S.