Issue №8 (49) September 2014

Guest online

High school today has lost connection with the production
E. K. V.


Axiological universe of cosmism and trans-humanitarian art: interrelations’ horizons
E. A. S.

Capital as a socio-cultural phenomenon
V. K. A.

Synergetic style formation of thinking in the modern culture
N. M. N.

Overcoming of verbal totality in vanguard theatre as an aspect of art metalanguage transformation
J. M. M.

Purposeful rational and moral ones in a practical discourse
E. M. B.


Peculiarities of inter-economy interdependency of regional economy’s subjects
I. A. V.

Information technologies as a tool for efficient business processes
D. B. A.

Development of Russian innovative system on the basis of problem-oriented approach
M. M. V.

Suitability of regulatory function’s strengthening of state in housing sector of economy
L. N. E., N. L. A.

The role of state and business partnership in economic regulation of priority ecology problems
G. P. Y.

To the question about methodology selection and evaluation of effectiveness public-private partnership based on the interests of stakeholders
I. T. N., Y. S. V., M. E. V.

Methodical bases of efficiency evaluation of loan labor by employer
I. T. I.

Analysis of system development staff motivation hotels
O. K. V., K. F. V.

Social Sciences

Cultural conditionality of human’s desire for life success
A. G. D.

Priority program “Perm Krai – territory of culture”: innovativeness and role of urban environment Transformation
S. M. A., A. L. A., Y. S. A.

Professional education as a factor of adaptation enhancement of unemployed youth
Y. S. V.

The Impact of Press on National Politics and International Relations in North Caucasus in the Late 80th – 90th of the XX th century
R. S. E.


Characteristics of personal electronic educational environment of pedagogue
V. K. B.

Studying model of lexical part of speech on the basis of symbolic means in primary school
G. K. A.

Implementation of integrative approach to English language teaching for the cadets of State Firefighting Service of Emergency Situations Ministry of Russia
V. S. D., I. R. N.


Soviet adventure tales of the first part of XX century
V. B. P.

Rhetoric of soviet poetry: «Nightingales» by M. Dudin
D. G. S.

Nominative and dialogic functions of insanity in the novels by F. M. Dostoevsky
D. M. A.

Two opera versions of the short story «Rothschild’s violin» by A. P. Chekhov
M. S. A.