Issue №6 (47) June 2014

Guest online

«In the modern Russian model of self-government the political constituent prevails but not an economic one»
E. A. G.


Development of liberty as a basis of personality’s identity in individualistic society
D. A. A.

Anthropological grounds of reflexive modernization theory by Anthony Giddens
V. K. A.

Linguistic turn in the English philosophy of language: J. Austin and L. Wittgenstein
B. N. D.

Construction of representations about human integrity in old Russian culture
O. S. S.

The origins of alienation in social and philosophical concepts of the Frankfurt school
O. T. S.


Investigation of paid service value dynamics for municipal formation’s people
N. K. A., O. S. N.

Electronic money: types and essence, development perspectives
E. S. V., I. M. B.

Social Sciences

Labor culture peculiarities of modern workers
T. O. V.

The problem of getting expert information in sociological investigations
A. O. A.


Quality of school foreign education: forming evaluation
L. V. V.

Development of students’ skills of the analysis and selection of information on the Internet
A. K. A.

Specificity of students’ professional motivation in socio-cultural environment of medical university
L. P. I., V. N. V., T. S. K.

Theoretical aspects of teacher’s competence formation in the field of management functions realization
V. R. A.

Students’ self-government in the development of civil activity
L. S. A., V. K. N.

Students’ project activity organization model with competence approach
M. F. G.

Intensification of students’ creative activity as a result of scientific-research competence form
M. T. V., O. G. A.

Implicit modeling of implied knowledge forms in education
V. S. N., O. S. V., M. M. M., A. D. A.

Structural-functional model of foreign media-competence formation
L. Y. N.


Fantasy. The problem of terminological translation
V. S. V.

Reflection of horse’s cult in Yakut prose
O. P. I.

Scenario of parfyon rogozhin’s suffering: interpretation of emotional states
N. S. O.