Issue №4 (45) April 2014

Guest online

«95th anniversary of Academy of Labor and Social Relations»
A. V. L., L. J. A.


Human and economics in the philosophy by M. Castells
V. K. A.

Art world view: unity in variety
R. M. P.

Peculiarities of Arabic-Muslim philosophy of language origin
B. N. D.

Properties and forms of religious relations in the spiritual life of society
K. P. I.

Methodological meaning of phenomenology in the context of modern epistemology’s ideas
D. U. L.

Religious faith as determiner of mentality
G. T. L.

Alienation as one of the reasons of modern terrorism
V. C. V.


Peculiarities of estimation criteria choice for efficient management system
T. A. G., T. D. D.

Characteristics of socio-economic organization of production and consumption as ideology of modern time
I. I. V.

Properties and principles of «concordness» of educational service market subjects
T. A. I., A. B. D.

Method of economic preparedness level calculation of entrepreneurial subjects
V. Z. V.

State regulations’ aims and borders of consumer goods competitive market
A. Z. F., V. T. M., A. N. R.

Main funds’ renovation and invest activity of economic subjects
L. N. E., N. L. A.

Austrian school about methodological basics of national economy regulation
A. P. D.

Modeling of management and forecasting of socio-economic development of depressed regions
A. R. D.

The problems of cadastral registration and lands’ estimation in Sverdlovsk region
I. R. V., A. P. A.

Mathematical model of economic efficiency optimization in the field of high-tech medical aid
V. U. V.

Social Sciences

Socio-cultural modi of orthodox students’ vital behavior
O. L. V.


Methodology of studying English by preschool kids
E. B. V.

Urgency of record management competence formation for future Russian officers
A. M. A.

Research of educational managers’ preparedness for prognostic activity’s realization
T. S. A.

Teaching quality monitoring technology in higher educational institution
M. C. Y.


Johann Anton Leisewitz and feeling demonstration
A. M. N.