Issue №3 (44) March 2014

Guest online

«We are living in the situation when literature is becoming private business for writers and readers»
L. B. P.


Eternity, time and destiny of human in the philosophy of N. A. Berdyaev
S. G. G.

The term «prosopon», etymological and conceptual view
Y. D. K.

Communicative substantiations of socio-philosophical reflection
E. M. B.

Science, paradigm and theory in social knowledge
S. P. I.


Institutional problems of national economy
I. E. V.

Ethnical Economics of North Caucasus republics as a factor of service sphere’s development
S. K. Y., M. B. B.

Concessions’ principles in the frames of mechanisms’ creation of interaction between authority and business
V. M. S.

Peculiarities of territories’ strategic plans development in municipalities
A. S. V.

Social Sciences

Human between culture of past and future
A. M. V.

The factors influence dynamics of network structure: actors’ attributes and network characteristics
M. S. G.

Cinemas in cultural space of small cities of Middle Irtysh region in 1920-1980th
E. S. V.


The model of future bachelors’ self-realization in building area at the competence-oriented situation
V. A. A., O. R. N.

Excitation and children’ activity maintaining in theatrical action
P. E. Y.

The problems of students’ educational practice organization in the conditions of competence approach
T. N. A.

Psychological wellbeing and religious orientation of personality in the period of maturity
M. S. N.

Practical realization of cognitive-competence paradigm of education on lesson
A. S. V.

Statistical evaluation of the average persistence factors of the students of higher schools of the emergency ministry

Electronic education usage practice in educational process of technical university
S. Y. A., I. M. S.


Conceptual component of the concept «Caucasian Captive» in the story of the same name by I. Kolontaevskaya
V. V. B.

Early creative work by Friedrich Schiller and triviality
A. M. N.

Influence of Russian literature on Russians’ spirituality formation
R. H. H., L. S. Z.