Issue №2 (43) February 2014

Guest online

«The search of methodological unity in psychology will continue indefinitely»
S. M. A.


Dialectic of becoming a service-rental society
A. G. V.

Basic philosophical arguments against perceptive model of introspection
A. D. A.

System approach to substantiation of global world possibility
N. P. A.

Critical analysis of F. Rouleau’s article devoted to gnoseology of I. V. Kireevsky
R. Y. N.


Enterprises’ adaptive management system improvement by examples of confectionery branch
R. B. D.

State support strategy formation for social-oriented non-commercial organizations from the sphere of social service
E. G. K.

Degree influence of employees’ unionization on labor policy of enterprise
E. K. G., L. A. S., E. A. A.

Today’s paradoxes of management. Motivation or manipulation?
O. S. V.

Peculiarities of regions’ economic security
A. Y. E., G. S. N.

Social Sciences

Scientific and educational maintenance of family and childhood security system as a factor of its development
T. P. D.

Processuality and spontaneity of political culture in Russia
N. H. G.


Interaction of teacher and theological seminaries in Orenburg province from XIX to the beginning of XX century
L. V. A., E. S. V.

Typology of pedagogical conditions for providing unassisted work of university’s students
T. Z. G.

Succession of additional education programs in the process of psychologists’ competence training
I. M. E.

The higher education potential in the formation of student’s scientific knowledge formation
L. P. G., Y. C. A.

The role of pedagogical support in professional self-determination of future teacher
M. P. V., V. M. A.

Experimental education of translators in the frames of operational competence formation
O. F. V.

Political and Historical Sciences

Russian external policy evolution in Central Asia
M. D. O.

State and religious relations in Soviet period
A. T. I.


The role of teller in literature tale by Neil Gaiman «Snow, glass, apples»
E. L. V.

The elements of triviality in early creative work by F. M. Klinger
A. M. N.

Marginal world and character in Russian literature of XVIII century
N. N. I., M. K. V.