Issue №1 (42) January 2014

Guest online

«Schools and universities will compete not with diplomas but with content and educational format»
L. M. A.


Neo-primitive tendencies of Vladimir’s landscape painters’ art thinking (1970th–1980th)
V. A. A.

Karl Jaspers learning about three levels of being and understanding of human
R. A. B.

Humanitarian cooperation of Russia and China in Far Eastern region
A. L. G.

The philosophical aspect of historical knowledge objectivity problem
V. А. L.

Identity strategy of consumer society: in «fashionable brands» image and likeness
E. V. C.


Peculiarities of public health service sphere functioning: private institutions’ role
Y. S. V.

The mechanisms for ensuring economic stability in monoprofile cities
A. O. E.

Goals and principles of spiritual-moral economy
A. N. K., E. D. K.

Productions’ location peculiarities for grains’ treatment and development perspectives in Novosibirsk region
G. N. L.

Creation of financial support system for the works of reclaiming in extractive regions
V. T. P., Y. E. F.

Financial state estimation peculiarities of company groups in hotel business
O. D. P.

Evaluation methods of investment attractiveness of housing and communal services market
V. N. P.

Remote trading market tendencies in Russia
N. I. H.

Social Sciences

The peculiarities of barrierless city recreational environment (by example of Irkutsk)
A. A. C.

The problems of organizational behavior management of higher schools’ young lecturers
V. O. C.


Professional adaptation peculiarities of agricultural institute’s students
V. T. B.

Schoolchildren’s upbringing of health culture: psychological aspect
S. N. G.

Cross- cultural competence from the position of constructivism approach
V. E. G.

Teenagers’ perception of internet information: prevention of internet-addict behavior
T. S. G., L. N. Y.

Professional training quality development of automatic library-information resources technologists
N. I. D.

Emotions verbalization and perception of face expression by elementary school students
S. E. I.

Modern parents’ competence in preschool children independency upbringing
V. A. M.

Electronic presentation as a method of schoolchildren’s educational activity improvement
V. T. O.

Political and Historical Sciences

Ideological sources of modern Russian national-bolshevism
N. Y. P.


The Crimean War as a critical stage of historical and philosophical concept of Russia formation for F. I. Tyutchev
A. I. N.

Landscape philosophy in the roman «Summer of God» by I. S. Shmelev
Y. E. S.