Issue №11 (41) December 2013

Guest online

«In Russia there is a noticeable disproportion between center and periphery in supply of warehouse economy»
A. Z. V.


Mstera art influence on Vladimir’s landscape painting school formation
V. A. A.

Emergent cosmology by C. L. Morgan

World’s picture multidimensional system functioning
P. R. M.

Influence mechanisms on culture modification of national minority in China
A. N. S.

Social networks as modern educational environment
B. A. S.


Diversification as a development strategy and form of production organization
M. V. B.

Non-commercial organizations in the sphere of social security service: development perspectives and the problems of state support
K. E. G.

Correlation – regression analysis of Primorsky region’s agricultural industry indices
M. E. D.

Innovative approaches investigation to credit organization’s management
V. O. K.

Social Sciences

The problem of social status realization of high achiever graduate
O. M. B.

Family as a subject of social security: social analysis
N. E. K., A. D. B., V. T. S.

The problems of science image formation for modern students
D. V. R., S. E. J., V. N. K.


Schoolchildren and students’ humanitarian culture formation in the age of globalization
V. O. D., R. E. V.

Charismatic person: targeting and motivation
V. N. D., V. N. B.

Stage adaptation in the system of schoolchildren’s game culture formation
Y. P. E.

Social worker’s activity in risk society
N. S. J.

The principles of building intellectual competence of an intending computer science teacher
M. M. E.

Social activity of the elderly people’s personality: the research of needs – motivational and reflexive – evaluative spheres
V. N. O., E. O. S., V. E. L.

Teambuilding on the basis of typological approach in the conditions of changes
S. M. R.

Realization of social and pedagogical help for unmarried mother: urgent problems and creative solutions
V. S. S., V. O. Y.

Upbringing and socialization of children living with parents and keeping traditional household
M. G. F.

Transition model in the system of bilingual teaching math
I. N. C.

Political and Historical Sciences

Scientific researches strategies formation of the Arctic in Norway and Russia in the end of XX and beginning of XXI century
V. O. Z., A. A. S.

Peter the First’s surroundings specificity in the light of charismatic supremacy concept
N. O. M.


Composition – imaginative order of English romantic ballad
A. U. B.

Herman Bang: reception of personality and creative work in Russian criticism
A. A. L.