Issue №10 (40) November 2013

Guest online

«Topics for scientific researches are everywhere, just choose and start…»
G. P. B.


Art studios’ role in Vladimir’s school professional primitives’ formation
V. A. A.

Vyatka cultural landscape in painting of XIX–XX
V. O. D.

Culturological portrait as a term and method of city’s investigation
N. L. E., Y. I. K.

Materialistic theology by Slavoj Zizek: theology and atheism?
A. E. Z.

Human’s creation in the light of research program of evolutionism
N. D. I.

The innermost as formless in the context of living space
B. A. K., Zh. E. S.

Ritualism of child birth in Judaism and Old Belief
V. A. M.

Event and «pseudo-event» as subject creating elements of traditional and modern holiday
A. L. M., A. E. F.

Reflexivity meaning in photography
O. N. N.


Insurance system formation of art objects and cultural values
I. Y. I.

The peculiarities of complex socio-economic systems management: foreign experience
A. S. J., M. A. P., P. N. K.

Strategic priorities of insurance development in the frames of SCO
F. R. K.

Institutional and economic basics of state-private partnership
A. S. K.

Influence of favoritism and nepotism on organizational and economic development
M. D. S.

Cluster strategy application in development of regional agricultural sector
I. E. T.

Social Sciences

Labor potential’s evaluation problem of big economic systems
I. K. G.

Parental unions: case analysis on the basis of resource approach
M. A. I.

Youth public associations’ role in the youth labor activity formation
N. E. L.

The problems of engineers’ training system organization on the Urals
S. B. P., A. A. S., I. N. R., Y. A. S.

Social effect of labor potential usage on municipal level
Y. V. F.

Management conditions of lecturers’ organizational behavior of Sakhalin region universities
V. O. C.

Professional types of social workers formation as aspect of profession development
S. A. S.

Foreign migrants image formation mechanism in mass media
A. O. Y.


Self-organization improvement model of future pedagogue in the process of out-educational activity
V. A. K.

Formation criteria of diagnostic skills of social pedagogue
S. V. K.

Social and psychological factors and conditions of group’s subjectivity formation
A. N. K.

Informative and organizational competence: the necessary link in translator’s education
S. A. L.

Personal experience of a future teacher: context of professional culture

Opportunities and restrictions of typological approach in teambuilding
S. M. R.

Political and Historical Sciences

Public opinion and humanitarian aid for prisoners of war in trinity union in 1914-1915 on the territory of Volga
E. E. A.