Issue №9 (39) October 2013

Guest online

«In the conditions of rights state formation the law knowledge is necessary not only for professionals»
V. P. D.


The phenomenon of inadequate fears in modern society
R. E. G., M. D. T.

Rehabilitation of dialectics as a method of historical forecasting
V. A. G.

Artist and shaman: lines of contiguity (Siberia in XX – XXI)
A. T. K.

Postmodern as a unity of diversity generator
V. E. M.

Multidimensional structure of the world’s picture
P. R. M.

Incarnation of the concept «revival» in Russian traditional culture of life
K. M. S.

Ptolemy’s classic astrology as the way of world discernment in antiquity
V. O. K., V. A. B.


Sale department development by modern technologies
Y. V. G.

Strategic monitoring of company’s management system
V. S. D., Y. V. A.

Modern insurance products creation algorithm of economic subjects’ responsibility
P. E. L.

The main components of enterprise’s commodity politics formation
I. D. L.

The consequences of Russia’s accession to the WTO: a regional perspective
E. L. N., D. V. U.

About the mechanisms’ development perspectives in state and private partnership in ecological sphere
Y. G. P.

The method of optimal market share estimation of ferrous metallurgy in CIS
S. N. R., E. D. K.

Big entrepreneurial organizational networks’ influence on fields and regions’ development
R. G. S.

Portfolio of projects’ management of state and private partnership from the position of stakeholder approach
N. I. T., A. L. R., V. M. E.

The development models of consumer markets of big cities in Sverdlovsk region
V. N. U.

Theoretical analysis of agricultural production specialty
K. N. S.

Social Sciences

Market interactions formation in the sector of retail trading
M. R. A.

Values orientation dynamics and aims of future engineers
N. L. B., N. L. B., R. Y. V., V. E. K., I. I. S.

Construction process analysis of internet-meme sense
A. N. Z.

Social family’s support on the municipal level: problems of intersegmental interaction
T. B. I.

Professional socialization functions
I. N. S., N. Y. Z.


Professional speech system culture formation realization of medical universities’ students
N. L. Z.

Facial expression of emotions: ethnic and gender peculiarities
S. E. I.

Humanistic potential of educational activity in Russian universities (end of XVIII – first part of XIX)
S. T. K.

Cluster method by means of met subjective skills formation for students in the condition of bilingual education
D. A. S., I. N. C.

Lecture’s drawbacks as a part of seminar education form in modern universities
R. R. S., V. V. L.

Political and Historical Sciences

Life conditions in the homes for invalids in Siberia of 20-30th of XX century
S. A. K.

Public expectations of Kazan city Tatar population in the beginning of the World war I
H. A. T.