Issue №8 (38) September 2013

Guest online

«Intelligent personality is impossible without knowledge of fundamental sciences»
A. M. M.


Metaphysical grounds of Newton’s revolution in science
V. A. D.

Interrelation of religion and state in modern age
V. E. M.

The concept of integral world image system
P. R. M.

Religious and metaphysical concept of culture in Russian cosmism
V. I. F.

The problem of representability for «non-material» in the age of new media art
E. K. F.

Fairy-tale and social utopianism as estranged attitude to reality
L. G. T.


Expert estimations of financial activity subjects
M. J. B.

Concept model of innovative activity risk
M. N. B.

Regional systems genesis of ecological management
Y. D. D.

Development of the decision making support system during goods purchasing management
M. Y. E.

The problem of neo-industrial modernization of the Russian economy
E. L. N., V. M. C.

Country’s competitiveness in terms of asymmetric federalism
I. O. S.

Big business influence on investment potential and business infrastructure of regions
R. G. S.

Small tourist business management at the conditions of WTO
G. J. T.

Social Sciences

Social estimation of quality and efficiency problem of law-enforcement system
B. M. M.

Social well-being of a family under modern conditions
A. F. M., L. O. P.

Marketing 3.0 concept formation in the context of globalization and social communications development
P. V. C., P. M. V.


Representation by the student about preparedness role to innovative activity in school
N. I. V.

Using the easiest methods of informatics for humanist-students
A. A. V.

Some aspects of the Social and cultural competence formation for senior high school students of boarding school
A. S. J.

Realization of process approach principle during QMS introduction in the university
N. M. I., V. E. S.

Periodization of teacher training system development in Russia
D. L. M.

The problem of Federal State Education Standards introduction: traditions and innovations
N. M. O.

Personality’s peculiarities of 5-7 age children with a «lost twin syndrome»
L. L. P., S. S. D.

Political and Historical Sciences

Main income items of middle Ural churches in 1944-1988
A. I. M.

Medical intelligentsia formation on North Caucasus in XIX - XX
M. E. R.

Subject of elite in modern political processes
R. A. S.

Interference of ethno-cultural and ethno-political processes in the post- Soviet period
E. R. S.


N. A. Teffi and «Satirikon» magazine: the history of creative cooperation
V. O. K.

Personification peculiarities of death in the collection by Neil Gaiman «The graveyard book»
V. E. L.