Issue №7 (37) August 2013

Guest online

«Students’ motivation for education depends to labor market tendencies»
V. K. V.


Dialectic methodology of personality’s identity research in the philosophy of «silver age»
A. D. A.

A. Bergson and time understanding in philosophy of XX century
D. I. V.

The problems of methodology and development perspectives of world-system theory
A. A. I.

Cultural identity of modern Chinese society
S. Y. M.

Cosmological knowledge reconstruction in the light of research program of evolutionism
E. V. P.

Religious and philosophic tendencies in modern theology of Jesuits
V. N. S.


Integrated analysis of enterprise’s innovative activity efficiency as a part of strategic analysis
V. O. B.

Small service enterprises’ management on the basis of budgeting
V. S. B.

Building cost management in the conditions of innovative technologies introduction
V. L. B.

Employees’ social protection system transformation in market economy
I. L. V., A. N. A.

Management methods optimization of warehouse by example of close corporation «Stroyservis» metal trading activity
M. Y. E.

Broadcasting of world market for values of public primary shares distributing
S. N. R., E. D. K.

Russian potential of competitiveness in plywood industry
N. E. S., K. N. P.

State order in structural modernization mechanism of Russian economy
A. O. S.

Social Sciences

The role of prevail elite in the process of regime consolidation in modern Russia
D. E. Z.

Rhizomatic structure of social self-presentation in network virtual space
V. A. T.

The experience of narrative analysis of works by modern mass literature
S. M. C.


The problems of point-rating system realization in higher school
N. O. B.

Competence approach in engineering nuclear education
P. N. D., A. N. N.

Essence and condition of professional trend of modern student in a higher school
G. Y. I.

Peculiarities of specialists-bachelors training in conditions of education modernization realized by Yurga Institute of Technology Tomsk Polytechnic University
P. D. I., L. V. B.

The organization of virtual space as the new stage of development of the education system
V. A. K., A. S. D.

Integration of educational areas in the course of ecological education of preschool children
A. A. N.

The technology of psychological barriers overcoming by the students of technical universities studying a foreign language
A. S. N., S. S. F.

Personality’s subjective factors influence on material welfare perception
S. T. T.

Competence substantiation of graduating student from specialty 080200.62 - management
P. A. T.

Political and Historical Sciences

The problem of «West crisis» in Russian immigrant’s idea in the middle of XX century
V. A. A., A. V. A.

National legislation of Republic Kazakhstan in the sphere of interethnic interactions in the period of independence
V. Y. Y.


Historicism of lyricism by A. Akhmatova
V. Y. S.