Issue №5 (35) May 2013

Guest online

«In sociology there is a problem of research theory’s development of dynamically changing world»
A. M. V.


Tuism metaphysics of Martin Buber
A. R. B., N. F. Y.

Transcendental metaphysics of new time: sources and basis
V. A. D.

Synergetic view of future
G. L. J.

The main methodologies and theories for historical event research
A. N. K.

«Art and revolution»: from Richard Wagner to Dmitry Merezhkovsky
V. O. P.

Philosophical forecast for electronic virtual reality development
K. R. S., D. T. S.

Communicative paradigm in the system of human resource management
N. V. S., A. A. D., M. M. M.

The problem of human in the concepts of Russian cosmist - scientists
V. I. F.


Copper industry as an object of analysis. Industry’s advantages and disadvantages by example of Russian enterprises
V. O. B.

Factor estimation methodology of external environment influence on enterprises’ activity
V. V. D.

International Russian cooperation in labor market: analysis and perspectives
V. A. E.

Customers’ loyalty and its role in conditions of high competition
V. K. K.

Urgent problems of public health management
V. N. K.

The place of grain market of Novosibirsk region in Siberian federal district and Russian Federation.
G. N. L., M. S. I.

Perspective development of info-communicational technologies in Russia
E. L. N., A. N. L.

Structural and institutional peculiarities of big Russian entrepreneurial organizational networks
R. G. S.

E-service market development in Krasnoyarsk Territory
F. N. T., N. A. P.

Regulatory-legal support of Russian Federation educational credit system
R. I. F., K. A. T.

St. Petersburg economic indices analysis in the context of municipal logistics
V. V. K.

Increase in leasing usage efficiency of agricultural machinery in agro-industrial sector
M. V. S., V. S. S.

Social Sciences

The possibility of development and realization of solidary society strategy formation in the district.
P. V. B., F. G. U.

Actual problems of non-commercial organizations by example of Perm territory
M. I. M.

Normative constituent of students’ sexual culture: sociological analysis
V. K. K.


Reading instructions as a matter of speech interaction in English
V. I. B., A. N. B.

Formation and development of scientific schoolchildren’ societies in Chekhov municipal district of Moscow region
V. A. V.

The role of social networks in education informatization
A. S. Z.

Lecturer’s preparedness formation for methodical work in training system
N. M. O.