Issue №2 (32) February 2013

Guest online

«Higher school should be the most conservative structure in the country…»
V. I. P.


Structure of inter-subject communication as an object of philosophical anthropology
V. I. D.

Interpreting problem of the concept «philosophical picture of the world»
E. O. K.

Polemics overcoming of evolutionism and creationism in modern culture
E. V. P.

Dialectics principles role in the foresight theory
A. E. S., S. N. K., E. A. K.

Deception virtualization
A. A. Y.


Regional development of special economical zones in Russia
A. N. K., Y. E. R.

Social approach to innovative process and personnel Innovative preparedness
A. A. S.

Reproduction and development forecast of mineral raw resources in UrFD
G. A. S., A. S. R., N. V. B.

Social Sciences

Islamic world as a global geopolitical actor
N. G. V.

From Soviet to Russian: social and cultural changes in society
A. V. K., A. O. P.

Educational needs and modern youth trajectory
A. A. O.

Trade centers’ strategic management in the course of globalization
A. A. R.

Budget differentiation of regions and its social consequences
Y. V. F.

Sociological analysis of youth focuses values changes
Y. V. C., D. V. P.


Psychological conditions research of constructive competitive environment organization within enterprise
G. A. G.

Northern native children education development in post-revolutionary period
V. D. G., P. L. G.

Cognitive peculiarities of the State Firefighting Service of the Russian Extraordinary Situations Ministry students’ professional self-consciousness
Y. O. D.

Management diagnostics of professional level in the system of state employees qualifying
B. I. S.

Continuous social education in Russia: historical experience and specificity
A. T. S.

Value focuses of freshmen: development perspectives
P. E. S.