Issue №1 (31) January 2013

Guest online

«Believe in youth, study them and trust their opinion…»
Y. V. R.


Cherkessk culture and the world of Russian abroad in XX century
F. V. E.

Elite’s role in Western democratic culture
K. M. K.

Culturological development aspects of information and communication space of Moscow reign (XV-XVII)
F. A. N.

Polyvariant of understanding of Plato’s teaching in philosophy
V. A. T.

Metaphysical fear concept as a reflection of existence homeless in German culture philosophy
V. L. C.


Indices evaluation totality of economic resources of industrial enterprise
N. N. A.

Operational accounting method development for industrial activity of organization
S. A. I.

Technical characteristics meaning under material resources purchasing management
V. V. K., A. A. K.

Management accounting model of enterprise’s innovative activity
N. O. K.

Industrial parks in universities: unrealized opportunities
V. A. M., A. A. D.

Operational of evolution and institutional theory of corporation
A. D. P.

Business and innovate centers in Russia: formation and activity
E. V. P.

Theory development and integration practices of economic systems
V. V. P.

Japanese system integration peculiarities of job places organization in Russia
A. O. S.

Employment state management concept in the bounds of different economic schools
A. T. S.

Transformation of the warehouse logistics: from storage function to innovative management flow of control
S. T. T.

Social Sciences

Youth personnel corps formation peculiarities of Zabaykal University
V. M. N.

Electronic participation as a dialog between authority and society in Russia
A. M. S.

Employment state policy realization at the municipal level
Y. V. F., V. T. Z., N. V. S.

Professional socialization mechanisms of personality
I. N. S., N. Y. Z.

The peculiarities of stereotype process for youth labor behavior
N. O. S.


Higher agricultural education for women in Russia in the end of XIX – beginning of XX
F. N. K.

State policy for employee’s training of municipal direction (1992-2010)
V. M. S.