Issue №12 (30) December 2012

Guest online

«The difficulties are met by non-state universities could be solved only on the ways of creativity and development»
L. Z. A.


Еidos and simulacrum: turn from logos to linguistic-matesis
A. O. G.

Family’s analysis in terms of system approach
V. A. K.

Social transformations peculiarities in the circumstances of globalization
V. E. S.

Human in the evolution of universe: N. O. Losskoy interpretation
S. O. S.

Woman’s representation as an embodiment of power in South India’s culture
V. P. K.

New stylistic direction formation in the Italian decorative and applied art from the end of XX till XXI
V. A. C.


Territorial structure of key economy branches of Bosnia and Herzegovina
A. F. A.

Small enterprises as a tool for innovative environment development
E. A. Z., V. T. K.

About main directions of strategic development of timber processing complex in Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region-Ugra
V. A. M., N. E. S., P. E. P.

Price management of innovative building technologies
M. L. P., V. L. B., N. S. L.

Graduate’s competitiveness model and its evaluation indices system
V. S. R., N. Y. K.

Russian Federation’s role in the new economical unions’ formation on the post-soviet territory
A. M. C.

Social Sciences

Practices of preschooler’s health saving: problems and contradictions formation
L. N. A.

Organization image formation peculiarities for the different social subjects
V. M. B.

Some approaches to the understanding of the personality’s professional development phenomenon
Y. O. B.

Novelty and social significance of intellectual activity result
Z. G. E.

Family values structure of young worker’s families
N. V. K.

Entrepreneur’s innovative culture peculiarities
A. A. P.

Frame-analysis of pensioners’ paid social service development
S. I. R.

Population’s employment differentiation as a factor of social risk and its consequence
Y. V. F.


Organizational and pedagogical conditions of students’ training educational process realization for acting in extreme conditions
V. L. B., N. O. K.

Music stylistics education peculiarities in higher educational institution
O. A. B.

Comparative analysis of experts training systems for accreditation in Europe and Russia
V. N. V.

Content aspect of the informational competence of an interpreter
V. A. G.

Differential approach to future teachers’ foreign communicative competence formation
R. G. L.

Interaction model of educational process subjects in humanitarian institution
A. E. M.

Preschool’s education for constant development
A. A. N.

Geometrical modeling as interdisciplinary language
I. V. Y., N. V. G., A. P. J.


Research of the phenomenal and uniqueness of F. I. Tyutchev as a linguistic poet personality
V. N. A.