Issue №11 (29) November 2012


Fear problem towards time in European and Russian social thought
A. P. A.

Religious tempers of modern Russian youth: Russian Orthodox Church official documents analysis
A. A. G.

Philosophic temper theories and metaphysics of social act
M. K. O.

Modern myth and utopia: interpenetration mechanisms
V. S. O.

Axiological ontologism and formation problem of ethnic self-identification
A. N. P.

Genesis of the term «consciousness» in the history of philosophy: from Antiquity till New Time
V. S. F., A. E. D.

Evolution of the term «consciousness» in classic and non-classic philosophy
A. V. F., V. S. F.


Entrepreneurship development in strategic management of autonomous institution
G. A. M., N. I. M.

Social Sciences

Motivational models on the basis of international standards of social responsibility
G. E. S.

Methodological aspects of struggle with corruption in Russia

Students’ summer leisure time as an object of sociological analysis
J. T. B.

State service quality research
K. T. K.

Institution graduate’s employment: form theory to practice
P. A. K., J. T. B.

Modern space of personality’s social formation
N. S. P.

Sociological analysis of volunteering structure as a social and cultural phenomenon
V. M. P.

Human capital as a moving force of organization’s development
V. E. S.


Development of creative thinking for students of the specialty «Human Resource Management» on the basis of art pedagogy
O. E. G.

Me-phenomenon in the process of professionalization
S. N. G., V. E. D.

Obstacles and opportunities for competence approach realization in managers’ training
P. A. I., F. I. Z.

Creative project technology in educational activity of Ural Federal University
D. S. L.

Competitive specialist’s training for human resource management sphere
Z. L. O.

Concerning the problem of cosmetology addiction research
A. E. S.

Research of interaction between communication styles and emotional disorder syndrome
V. O. T.

Deception as a mean of mind manipulation
A. E. H.

Automation system of department’s educational processes
B. D. S.

Variety as a factor of human’s potential management
N. M. J.