Issue №10 (28) October 2012

Guest online

«The problems of political oratory are to be worked with even in Ancient Rome and Greece»
A. C. P.


Public discussions at the beginning of XX century about cultural meaning of Russian intellectuals
P. A. V.

Information society development tendencies: philosophic analysis of main concepts
N. N. S.

Young family today: crisis, transformation or evolution?
N. N. S.


Working migrants: advantages and disadvantages for business
E. M. B.

Personnel policy peculiarities in Russian ICT-industry
A. K. V.

Social pollution concept influence on the welfare of organization’s workers
Gatti M., E. A. F.

Economy activity calculation problem analysis at the building field plants
N. N. I., B. V. B.

State regional policy development in the sphere of higher professional education
R. G. I.

Technique of the complex assessment of monoindustrial town efficiency
A. T. K.

Conceptual space of the category «labor potential»
D. L. T.

Specific features of risk analysis in agro-leasing activity
V. S. S.

Social Sciences

Organizational culture: changes management algorithm searching
A. N. A., J. E. M.

The modern threats of Russia in their perception by students
V. V. B.

Christianity representation by TV news stories of «Channel One»
J. T. V.

Maternal capital: national demographic policy in action
V. N. G.

Systematic-activity model of social audit of state and municipal management
E. T. Z.

Social efficiency of service sphere for population by state institutions
S. T. K.

Viability problem of substitution family
G. V. K., S. T. P.

Solid information-communicational space: theory and reality
F. A. N.

«Fathers and Sons» in the town family: communication or alienation
S. B. P., I. N. R.

State awards in modern Russia: formal and informal practice
V. A. R.

Social-political changes peculiarities of Chechen society in 90th of XX century
O. M. S.

Socio-cultural institution environment monitoring: principles and problems
N. M. P.

Territorial differentiation of population occupation quality
Y. V. F.


Technical sphere development peculiarities in additional education
N. E. A.

Education and upbringing of native people of Far East in 1920-1930
V. A. A.

Social adaptation of North native youth in the environment of institution sphere
V. D. G.

Music perception peculiarities in the context of different life orientations
J. E. K., N. O. R.

Student’s personal work with foreign internet-texts
V. I. P.

Personal self-interpretation and ethno-cultural values
R. O. T.

Psychological and pedagogical support of graduates from orphanages in the society as a factor of self-determination
S. A. T.

Logic informatics basis development as a educational subject
T. M. S.