Issue №9 (27) September 2012

Guest online

«The time we live at is a time of synthesis, interdisciplinarity, epoch of thinning and transparency of borders»
O. N. Y.


Restoration of the theory and method of academic style religious painting education
V. A. A.

Ludwig Wittgenstein in philosophy architecture
B. I. E.

Traditions in the artistic system of folk trades Paleha and Mstery
S. S. L.


The methodology of lean production: the theoretical aspect
A. A. A.

Investment climate of the region and its identification method
V. A. V.

The management peculiarities of industrial supplies in service structures of metallurgical holdings
F. N. V., R. R. L.

Influence evaluation of relevant factors on the effective development of the industrial city
A. T. K.

Methodological approaches to the form choice of building objects investment
A. D. K.

ISO 9000 series standard demands realization
S. A. M., V. A. M.

Geographical international trading peculiarities by the different processing level production
N. I. P.

Automobile consumption: regional peculiarities and choice motives
P. L. P., A. A. K.

External and internal environment of international leasing development
V. S. S.

Methodical aspects of transaction expenses theories of insurance companies
V. M. S.

Social Sciences

Appearance and development of alternative labor unions on an enterprise
G. M. B., D. M. D.

The information openness of municipal authorities: state and problems
A. V. V.

Sociological creative work by W. L. Warner
E. I. L.

The modern system of family with one parent support in the sphere of sociological theories
D. A. L.

Ecological policy peculiarities in the old industry cities of Ural
A. T. O.


Experience and problems of E-Learning technology integration in a university
G. S. A.

Psychological science role in the life and creative work of A. P. Chekhov
V. M. B.

The interaction model of the educational system and Russian Orthodox Church in the sphere of moral and spiritual upbringing
V. I. K.

Infological modeling concept of educational activity
Y. E. L.

Educational institution strategy: environment scanning and mission formation
N. T. P.

Deviant behavior in a modern parenting
A. L. S., S. G. G.

Personality autonomy development pedagogical conditions of the psychologist students in the process of professional training
M. A. T., A. O. S.


Figurative component of the concept «woman» in the novel by O. N. Ermakov «The Sign of Beast»
B. V. V.

«Doctor Faust» by H. Heine: didactic parody
V. S. K.