Issue №8 (26) August 2012

Guest online

«At first corporative management is a dialog between business owner and top management»
I. T. N.


Fresco and mural painting technology study: theoretical course
V. A. A.

Traditional values crisis in the modern culture as a concept basis of gender transformation
V. I. B.

Postmodernism as an environment for primary culture subject’s formation
S. J. V.

Reproductive behavior as a culturological term
S. A. M.

Myth as an integral image of social life in the context of post-non-classical philosophy
V. S. R.

Dialectics of ideology and world-view as a factor of social consolidation
S. V. F., A. E. S.

Personality socialization in social webs
B. A. S.

Potential of tolerance in the internet space
A. A. Y.


Knowledge as a basis of post-industrial economics: genesis and modern tendencies
V. P. B.

Some aspects of ecological policy in Russian Federation
A. M. G.

Conditions strategic analysis of innovative energy creation on the basics of renewable sources of energy in Mongolia
Dagva E.

The factors classification development of industrial plants technical reequipment
V. J. N.

Transport and logistics cluster: the new approach to the branch development
L. M. S.

New tendencies of international oil market
A. O. H.

Social Sciences

Manager’s social and technological culture formation
P. V. B., A. J. S.

Governance of social change: methodological aspect
A. O. K., S. A. S.

The changes in the family relation’s values of retired people in the modern conditions
V. A. M., R. E. K.

Ural students believe in God or not

Some words about information security with rights delegation
S. S. T., V. N. M.


The using of active learning methods in the formation of student’s economic competence
V. A. A.

Mother's role in the modern society
S. J. G.

Development models of secondary education: Swedish and Russian realization experience
S. N. G.

Deviation demonstration in the behavior of teenage mothers
S. G. G.

Professional values formation peculiarities in medical university
I. O. K., A. T. U.

The research of athletic marksmen's psychologic peculiarities
D. V. P., A. V. R., L. S. P.

Creative potential development of architectural specialty students
A. L. S., V. I. B.

Interdisciplinary paradigm as a basis of student’s crucial competences formation
V. M. C., N. L. K.

Logic tasks and innovative technologies by informatics studying
T. M. S.


Concept’s structure «space» in «wartime» prose by O. N. Ermakov
B. V. V.

Interpretation conception by U. Eco in the context of scientific epoch researches
A. L. E.