Issue №7 (25) July 2012

Guest online

«Profession’s prestigiousness: look by Russian employer»
Y. M. S.


The diffuse of culture subject’s limits in the philosophy of early post-modernism
S. U. V.

Comprehension of human irrationality phenomenon in the philosophy of N. O. Losskoy and S. L. Frank
V. M. K.

Visual communications like «period eye»
U. R. P.

Methods of culture text interpretation
A. N. S.


The choice of technological development strategy of organization: methodology of purpose-resort approach
A. I. V.

The development prospects of the Far North rural territories
Y. O. G., V. N. F.

Business activity and investment activity peculiarities of state corporations in Russia
O. V. I.

Risks systematization of vegetable growing for open soil
A. D. K., N. D. T.

Modern approach to the development of management personnel
M. M. K.

Qualifying evaluation in the system of personnel management
A. N. P.

Social Sciences

Legal basis of management activity of educational institutions head
P. E. K.

Specificity of social cognition: some words about criteria of scientific character in sociology
A. A. O.

Symbiosis of leader and favorite in the structure of social group
P. S. P.

Immortality as sociological problem in the context of religious mind changing
M. I. P.

Territorial behavior as a subject of sociological analysis: methodological aspect
A. M. S.

University image on the market of educational service in the age of mass consumption
S. T. F.

Intellectual resources role in the remote education quality establishment
A. G. C.


The analysis of psychological approaches to interpretation of anticipated future
S. N. A.

Future bachelor’s training of professional education in terms of small innovative companies
V. T. V.

Representation of the term «preparedness for innovative activity» by the students of different specialties
N. I. V.

The structural components of the personal-perceptive competence of sales managers
V. A. K.

Peculiarities of emotional responsiveness development to music by preschool children
N. R. L.

Subjective position as a basis of existential self-determination and authenticity of professional being
U. O. L.

The criteria of behavior strategy effectiveness of disabled people on labour-market: specificity and universality
V. L. M.

Physical activity planning in the mixed groups on scholastic occupation
D. V. P., G. L. P.

Research competence formation of high school students
V. J. R.

Patriotic education in form tutor’s work
V. N. Y.

The problems of professional vocal education development in modern China
Wey Y.


Thanatological motives in the story by I. Babel «Red Cavalry»: some words about romantic character
N. E. K.