Issue №6 (24) June 2012

Guest online

«State social politics is a guarantee of society’s stability»
L. B. V.


Features of realistic and nominalistic methodologies for the identity studying
A. D. A.

Older people family in perspective of social and philosophical analysis
A. N. B.

Siberian city in fiction
Y. I. K.

Homo dicens, or man talking
I. N. L.

The network communications functioning in the social mythology context
V. S. R.


Production program formation in the vertically integrated companies
A. I. B.

Choice of the environmental strategy for an industrial enterprise
A. A. G.

The tariff system features for workers of metallurgy
V. V. K., S. O. O.

Strategy of socio-economic development in Yamal District of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District
I. K. K., V. O. P., Y. О. G.

Transaction costs in the budget planning of agricultural processing organizations
N. S. N.

Modern concepts of marketing in small business
R. R. S.

Social Sciences

Social and legal problems of land use in individual housing
N. I. G.

Organizational culture in a University environment: the conceptual approach
A. I. G.

Cultural features of demographic behavior of young families in the Urals
S. B. P., N. L. B.

Business and power: the principles of civil consolidation
A. O. P., A. P. T., V. A. K.

The child birth motivation of mothers-juveniles
L. E. P.

Technology of remote internal training of foreign language for technical specialists
A. M. R.


Social and pedagogical partnership as a condition of development of education environment in pre-school educational institutions: theoretical background
V. O. B.

Anton Chekhov as a scientist and artist: historical and psychological study
V. M. B.

Pupils’ critical thinking development on the elective courses in physics
L. M. V.

Research of the unit for competition
G. A. G.

Innovative model of mathematical competence formation for petroleum-engineers
R. L. Z.

Socialization features in the disability condition
V. L. M.

Comparative characteristics of educational standards in vocational educational system in Russia and Germany
S. Y. M.

E. A. Bobrov’s philosophical and psychological directions development in 1903-1930
I. N. S.

Determinants of the mother’s identity development
A. N. U.


Jerzy Kosinski’s novel "Painted Bird" in the interpersonal communication context
Myanovska I.

Motive of explosion as the category of horrible implementation in L. N. Andreyeva’s creation
S. E. P.