Issue №5 (23) May 2012

Guest online

«Domestic sociology has been working on the basis of quantitative methods for a long time. Now the new approaches are necessary»
E. G. V.


Zen spirit and body or Buddhist origins in corporal
B. A. K., S. A. T.

Body and soul relations in M. V. Lomonosov and D. S. Anichkov’s interpretations
S. O. S.

“Revival” concept in axiological system of the Russian traditional culture
K. M. S.


Approaches to the labor potential determination and evaluation
M. E. D.

Conditions of payment services market in the sphere of communications
M. О. K.

Company innovative media diagnosis
A. N. L.

Based budgeting transaction costs in the processing industries of agro-industrial complex
N. S. N.

Simplified tax system (aims and criteria for its using)
V. A. P.

Anti-crisis management of enterprises as an effective tool of economic security of the region
A. A. S., O. M. K.

Conceptual approach to the total capital management of building construction business
A. A. S.

Planning improvement: budgeting effect
A. S. S., A. K. P.

Nature and content of the sustainable development of the food industry
V. A. S.

Improvement of the health-resort complex attractiveness in Krasnodar region
V. A. S.

Methodological approaches to determining airports – hubs
Y. N. Y., V. V. V.

Social Sciences

Perception of the President Institute in mass Russian consciousness
A. D. B.

Special schools for children with hearing impairments: Present and Future
V. S. K.

Students about love as a life value
N. L. K.

Sociological analysis of the competence preferences of social workers
S. I. R.

Modern youth associations and organizations as the Institute of youth social self-determination
A. A. R.

Social rehabilitation of homeless people: regional aspect
V. V. S.


Pupils’ adaptation through school lessons “Fundamentals of Secular Ethics”
Yu. А. D.

Formation of personal significant qualities of the future engineers through mathematics
T. A. Z., S. Y. M.

The birth of educational and research relations of Russia with Western Europe
A. V. Z.

Project training organization in Russian higher educational institutions: practical recommendations
S. Y. K.

Socio-cultural approach as strategic direction of modern art education
G. N. K., V. A. S.

Problems of communicative competence formation of football players
S. S. S.


Archetypal image of the river in V. Rasputin’s prose
Sh. E. G.

George MacDonald’s fairy tales model
I. V. G., A. L. K.

Northern text of Russian children’s literature: typology experience
V. A. D.

Immanuel Kant as a writer: the critical thinking experience
D. I. K.

Poet and power: ”Brodsky’s case” in the socio-cultural context of the Soviet era
F. L. M.