Issue №4 (22) April 2012

Guest online

«Today timber processing complex suffers huge shortage of personnel»
A. M. V.


Different faces of the “Soviet Patriotism”?
V. A. A.

Modern fashion as a socio-cultural phenomenon of mass consciousness in consumer society
А. O. B.

America's image in the perception of Russian immigrants 1920-1980-ies
V. O. V.

Ideology and futurological concepts of the North Caucasian emigration 1920-1930-ies
F. V. E.

Socio-mythological basis of tales
I. T. P., V. E. B.

Epistemological value of the “God” concept in consciousness of the life meaning
N. V. S.


The organizational and economic structure development of agricultural economy of Russia
A. Z. V.

Experience in the cluster agglomerations formation in China
V. A. K.

The problems of the competitiveness assessing of the building business structure
A. A. S., A. A. A.

The current definition of «innovation»
A. N. S.

Analysis of approaches to managing high-technology logistics company
S. D. S.

Social Sciences

Professional self-determination in a transforming society: risks and opportunities
N. L. B.

Master’s programs features with the regional labor market development
B. I. B., A. G. S.

M. Weber and the formation of a sociological category “vocation”
Yu. S. V.

Is it possible to change the society for better with the law
A. V. G.

People in the space of a large city
N. E. Z.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a geopolitical factor
A. N. K., A. V. D.

Specificity of subjects interaction management in tourism industry
B. N. K., G. N. C.

Entrepreneurship development features in a town

Students’ attitude to family and marriage
N. L. K.

Social advertising as a mechanism of social work with family
N. E. R., E. E. L.

The ideological foundation of the social state model in Russia
A. S. V.

"Society of consumption" research in the sociology of the classical period
G. N. H.


Socio-economic status of national education of the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district
V. D. G.

Physical culture functions in shaping individual health savings strategies
A. S. D.

State policy in the education system in Japan
P. N. D., A. N. N.

Educational assistance to hyperactive preschool age children
N. O. E.

The integration of humanitarian and artistic cycle to school on the basis of stylistic approaches
G. N. K., P. E. M.

Empathy culture formation of future teachers through a reflective workshop
V. Y. S.

Structural and substantive characteristics of students’ cultural and creative independence of pedagogical universities
A. O. C.


. A. Zhukovsky’s esthetics in the apophatic context
Yu. M. E.