Issue №3 (21) March 2012

Guest online

«We receive a lot of resumes, but have nothing to choose from them»
L. H. P.


Reproductive behavior culture development trends in contemporary society
A. M. B.

Some historic features of the ethnic identity formation for peoples of the Volga region
I. I. Z.

On two concepts of the charity phenomenon
G. E. L.

Corrupt dependence of the law enforcement representatives as a social addiction form
V. A. N.

Polyfunctional nature of the game as a human existence form
N. O. N.

The concept of «Renaissance» in light of the orthodox model of the Russian life
K. M. S.


Environmental factor in the economic security evaluation of milk processing enterprises
V. O. A.

Structural changes in the fishing industry and its problems
V. D. B.

Defect-free production from the consumer position
I. N. G.

Public-private partnership as a tool for the anti-crisis development of the region
V. M. R.

The theoretical basis for the competitive business structure formation
A. A. S., A. A. A.

Social Sciences

Survey results analysis for the hearing impaired
V. S. K.

The housing authorities development prospects in Primorsky Krai
V. O. L., V. E. B.

The consumer monitoring role of satisfaction with educational services at the higher educational institution
A. A. R.

The personnel capacity components in hotel enterprises
G. L. S., S. O. K.

Problems of the local self-government formation as a resource for social development
G. L. T.


Didactic games as a means for senior preschool children to review the culture of peoples of Russia
V. M. S.

About the cognitive and affective components of «The Image I» for primary school children
V. A. T., I. D. M.

Professional vocal education features in ancient China
Wei Y.

Philosophical-anthropological approach to the study of historical and pedagogical theories of moral education in the national pedagogy
V. A. B.

The parents’ concepts development about the cognitive interest formation for the children under school age
Yu. Y. B.

Professional readiness of primary school teachers in working with preschool age children
V. E. V.

Life meaning crisis as the manifestation of the existential relation of a man to life
N. Y. K.

Psychological modeling of intra-group conflict relations
V. A. K.

The natural science and the humanities integration in the modern concept of eco-humanistic education
G. N. K., F. S. M.

Philosophical foundations of the education development in the context of succession
V. D. L.

The optimization program of the teacher’s professional and personal direction
Yu. N. M.


The edge of the comic in the works of A. Bely
I. R. B.

The symbolism of death in the Schiller’s play «Robbers»
P. N. Z.

Artistic representation of the existentialism ideas in «Medallion» by Z. Nalkovskaya
V. T. L.

Modernism in the Belarusian prose in the XX century
L. G. N.

The literary hero in his action world
I. N. N.