Issue №1 (19) January 2012

Guest online

«Today the best managers in the world use social technologies in personnel management»
N. S. I.


Jacques Derrida about the philosophical texts duality and the Deconstruction Ethics
V. A. V.

Human corporeality: the historical context and current issues of contemporary
V. L. Z.

Phenomenological model of social reality cognition in non-classical social philosophy
M. G. N.

The post-postmodern cultural paradigm concept in Paul Kurtz’ social philosophy
A. O. P.

Social boundaries in the structure of social and cultural solidarity
A. O. P.

Habermas about strategic and communicative action
A. A. S.

Wisdom and folly in philosophy alone
A. I. S., L. H. K.


Internal communications effectiveness at the railway enterprises
N. C. A., V. K. G.

Attractor model adaptability to attract investment funds
A. I. V.

The phenomenon of entrepreneurship in the economic literature
S. I. G.

Innovative activities of industry household formation for technological processes monitoring
A. N. K.

Growth factor of the national economic model - the state
P. A. K.

Problems of consumption and exchange stages interconnection in the reproduction
A. E. M.

Market-oriented transformation of nature stimulating process in the recreational systems
V. N. M.

The transformation of households’ behavior patterns in the Russian economy
F. L. N.

The ownership right on bank deposit
A. P. P.

Closed administrative-territorial units in the context of the nuclear industry reform
A. O. R.

The investment potential of Krasnodar Region
V. A. S.


The structurally-substantial analysis of family consciousness of the woman
N. N. V., V. K. A.

Social communications as context of student intercultural competence formation
A. M. G.

The foreign-language aspect formation of professional competence for students-programmers
M. L. G.

Sexuality construction and representation between men and women
A. E. D.

Methodical system for the primary school children auditory culture formation
V. S. K.

Social and psychological characteristics of intra-group conflict
V. A. K.

Study of self-regulation peculiarities in connection with the professional activity motives
P. H. M.

Preschoolers’ basic ethical concepts formation
O. E. S.

The context of family relationships influence on the success of the child’s adaptation to school
A. O. S.


The evolution of I. Bunin’s literary views
N. K. G.

“The man survived” in T. Ruzhevich’ stories
V. T. L.