Issue №10 (18) December 2011

Guest online

«In the system of scientific personnel’s certification the serious changes have occurred»
T. S. N.


Culturological ideas of Andrew White and Ellis (L. L. Kobylinsky) at the beginning of the 1910s: the question of national cultural science formation
V. N. A.

Professional reflection and values of media professionals
F. O. N., A. K. Z.

«The sound philosophy»: the methodology of phoneme and its semiotic study
D. B. N.

Philosophy double: humanistic and sentimental dietetics
A. I. S., L. E. K.

Stereotype as a subject of scientific study in the domestic researches
V. K. S.


Patterns of ecological culture and environmental costs interaction on BASE-SUAL
V. S. A.

Low-carbon economy, energy efficiency, sustainable development
P. V. A., P. A. K.

Realization of the process approach in SMQ the industrial enterprise
R. A. V.

HR-benchmarking elements as an innovative process of enterprise personnel management
Z. A. G.

The information interaction essence in business networks
M. I. G.

The interaction mechanism improvement of a regional system of personnel training and catering service
E. A. Z.

Internal benchmarking as factor in a vertically integrated company development
O. V. I.

Optimization model of business processes in integrated holding companies
V. I. K.

The land monitoring role in the conservation and growth of rural areas potential
N. N. N., Yu. O. S., S. A. S.

Teacher and children interaction in preschool educational institution
A. A. S.

Strategic approach to waste management in enterprises
E. A. C.

Social Sciences

Islam and civil society values: the integration need and possibility in modern Russia
F. A. G.

Information security and the social control problems in airborne forces of the Russian Federation
P. E. M.

Anti-globalization movements of modernity. «Alterglobalizm» ideology
P. G. O.

The Orthodoxy values as a stabilizing factor of the family in modern Russia
S. A. P.

The birthrate processes in Russia: problems and solutions
V. T. K.

The individual communicative competence development stages as a sociological concept
V. E. C.

Students’ life values in the U. S. and Russia
A. A. C.

The knowledge employee labor potential formation as a social problem
I. N. S.

Structural components of employees’ professional competence in the services sector
V. Y. S., V. O. P.


Vocational and applied learning methods in the agricultural higher educational institution
A. M. V.

The students’ development features in the dyssynchrony phenomenon of mental development
U. G. I.

Intellectual and professional development navigator of trainees in the competence-based approach implementation
Yu. E. K.

Teacher and children interaction in preschool educational institution
A. O. K.

Psychological aspects of motherhood in the context of the world image study
A. V. S.

Environmental competence formation of students-designers
V. M. T., V. S. P.


Enantiosemy in the source language and translation (based on the biblical texts)
Yu. M. B.

English text-parodic T. Pratchett’s fantasy
S. E. D.

Comparative analysis of the Yakut and Russian language awareness
V. S. F.