Issue №9 (17) November 2011

Guest online

«Philosophy doesn’t give answers but it forces to search them»
V. P. P.


The culturological approach to fashionable object phenomenon research
L. S. A.

Social needs as a determinant of the media professions emergence
A. K. Z.

Orthodox culture: definition and morphology in the discourse of interpretive culture science
A. S. M.

«The man’s world» in religious culture renaissance: the philosophical and anthropological aspects
R. O. S.

National policy in the libraries development in North Ossetia in the 20-30 years
E. R. S.

Nature as a value base of Aboriginal life in Siberia
A. O. F.


Economic effectiveness of training programs as policy formation factor in staff organization development
N. O. B.

Basic aspects of business network marketing management
M. I. G.

Economic substance and place of quality management in the organization management system
V. A. G.

Methodological fundamentals for the counterparty risks management
N. D. Y.

The enterprise competitiveness level regulation: motivational trend
V. V. K., V. A. P.

Budget planning in elevating equipment organizations
N. S. N., A. O. Y.

Institutional transformation of the household nature in the Russian economy
F. L. N.

Government support for private business in Russia in the context of innovation policy
E. V. P.

Orientation to interested parties in restructuring effectiveness evaluating
N. E. S.

Theoretical basis for the formation client-orientated staff
N. M. S.

Social Sciences

Influence of the managerial culture structural components in the organization development
V. A. D.

Research of the rehabilitation programs effectiveness for athletics
A. D. Y.

Internet discussions as a tool for public opinion conformation
B. G. K., V. A. K.

Human resources issues in the innovation development management of the educational institution
P. E. K.

Some aspects of public opinion on public attitudes to state agencies employees
I. A. K., S. T. K.

Institutional features of entrepreneurship
A. I. K., A. V. S.

Adolescents as a social group. Passive consumer phenomenon among adolescents
A. A. P.

Investment population preferences in socio-economic changes
N. A. T., P. E. D.


Interpretation and realization of present by personality: the role of temporary perspective
S. N. A.

Problem of students’ wrong actions: the genesis and typology
V. E. D.

Teachers’ professional activities specificity in business education
Yu. N. Z.

Folk paintings in the children’s initiation to the aesthetic values
G. A. K.

Organizational and pedagogical conditions of teachers and parents interaction in the short-stay group
V. I. K.

Foreign language communication training for specialists in the field of information technology
V. E. K.

Model of discipline «Computer science» structure in the implementation of the third generation educational standards
Yu. E. L.

Pedagogical means of joining students in practical tourist and region study activity
V. E. N.

Preschool children’s cognitive interests formation by using different types of visual
R. E. F.


Relations of the article metaphorical title and its main text
B. E. K.