Issue №8 (16) October 2011

Guest online

«Science gives opportunities…»
A. P. A.


Problems of the theory of knowledge of James Osvald's philosophy
A. L. G.

Socio-economic Islam philosophy in the light of the Iranian historic experience
M. F. I.

The language function in the social universe creation
P. E. L.

Historically-culturological analysis of Eastern Siberia area reclaiming by the Tatars
N. A. R.


Marketing in the system paradigm context
N. S. A., A. S. M.

Assimilative potential role in evaluation of regional investment attractiveness
S. I. B., V. N. S.

Arbitration administration improvement as specific form of crisis management
V. A. B.

International experience analysis of agricultural industry organization
A. Z. V.

Cooperation and integration processes development in agro-industrial complex
A. Z. V.

Statistic innovative development of Ural federal district in a statistics mirror
A. O. I.

Methodology and legitimacy of innovative type of the main productive assets reproduction in market conditions
Ye. L. N.

International comparisons of financing activities of banks
Belgibaeva K.

Theoretical aspect of wood resources cost formation
H. P.

Social Sciences

Competitiveness of the Russian education in contemporary conditions
N. N. B., P. V. K., N. A. P.

Visual image as form of representation
V. S. G.

Features of management of a social infrastructure in small cities
A. I. K., A. D. K.

Juvenile motherhood: sociological aspect
L. E. P.

The social development of territorial clusters
V. V. T.

Subjective foundations of informative communication barriers in the state administration
P. D. K.


Professionally-oriented lexical competence formation of non-language higher educational institution students
I. O. Z.

Adolescents development in keyed synthesizer class
Yu. E. K.

Student intellectual competence level
S. Y. K.

Theoretically-methodological approaches to educational milieu knowledge
A. V. K.

The competence-oriented methodical maintenance of the teacher of computer science
А. С. Н., Ю. Е. К.

Professional mobility of a higher school lecturer: psychological aspect
B. T. S.

Psychological maintenance of person’s life in modern psychology
Yu. O. S.

Art-therapy as means of isolation negotiation in the student community
F. M. C.

Modern education and important problems of folk instruments musicians training
B. K. S.


Chairman’s anthem. The Structural-semantic organization in ampere-second product A. S. Pushkina "A feast during the plague"
G. E. A.

Word combinations named daily ritual actions
A. T. R.

Textual application of word combinations named Russian customs and traditions
A. T. R.

Structural particularities of foreign terms in the Tatar legal language
M. G. T.

Ability to metaphor process of English hybrid compounds on the example of managerial discourse
L. O. Y.