Issue №7 (15) September 2011

Guest online

«Europe is closer than you think…»
V. Z. S.


Socio-mythological model of modernity
V. E. B.

Vienna biedermeier and the album from gavrilovka
V. L. R.

D. Stewart’s pedagogical philosophy
A. L. G.

Pattern and its role in comprehension of human life variation
G. L. M.

Value science neutrality and humanitarian expertise possibilities
A. A. T.


Advanced trends of environment-oriented expenditures decline on BASE SUAL
V. S. A.

Education investment and education loan
V. S. D.

Innovatons as development and realization factor of tourist territorial potential
S. V. O.

Problems and prospects of business environment service industries formation
V. M. P., P. L. S.

Risk coverage planning in enterpreneurial business
S. D. R.

Socio-economic problem of society
A. N. R.

Social Sciences

Actuality of non-traditional methods of physical training rehabilitation research
A. D. Y.

Two-tier higher educational system as factor of student social mobility raise
S. V. K.

About local communities behavior in municipal system
M. A. K.

Family self-determination in realizing of its economical function
V. A. M., A. F. M.

Youth and mobile phone: roles acting out in self-presentation
O. Y. O.

Modern pupils’ personal identity contradictions
A. A. O.

Teacher position in the process of education system transformation
V. Y. P.

Functional characteristics evolution of a Ural family: sociological analysis
L. L. R., V. Y. S.

Socio-humanitarian education of non-humane profiles students: content variation problematics
V. O. S.

Types of social control performed by the civic society institutions
P. V. K.

The resources effectiveness valuation of the job search in service industries
V. Y. S., V. O. T.


Socially-pedagogical consulting as technology of family functions actualization
Ju. O. A.

Communicative competence in medical professional training
F. M. B.

Complex of pedagogical conditions for socially-pedagogical prophylactics and correction of juvenile deviant behavior in family
G. G. Z.

Strategy of remunaration in small businesses
A. O. K.

Schoolchildren humanitarian relationship formation in the structure of their moral and spiritual education in infant collective
K. S. O.

Theoretic aspects of adolescents’ aesthetic sensibility development diagnostics
Ye. A. P.

The methodical system description of students’ socio-communicative competence formation
P. M. T.


Modern classification of russian and french pseudoequivalence
N. N. L., I. A. T.

Visual “cross situations” in the novels of F.M. Dostoevsky (blessing cross)
N. T. F.