Issue №6 (14) June 2011

Guest online

«Today employers need real but not fake knowledge…»
I. N. S.


Reflection of new specialties in Mass Media as a display of mass mind stereotype
S. A. D.

Axiological approaches to Siberian population’s study
Y. A. K.

Religiousness in the system of theological culture of Ural mining population (XVIII – beginning of XX)
A. A. M.

Myths, legends, rituals and holidays as constituent parts of company’s corporative individuality
A. A. R.

Medieval thinkers’ representation about terrestrial and post existence vengeance
A. Z. T.

Intersubjectivity and trans-subjectivity: much, single, whole
V. M. M.

Postmodernism through the prism of philosophical system by Hegel
V. I. P.

Simulation as a factor of social and political evolution in the theory by Jean Baudrillard
A. V. F.


The problem of gender factor accounting during expenditures planning of regional budget
N. A. B.

Stimulating effect of new wage system in higher education institutions
V. A. I.

Wages of Volga region’s workers during the Civil War
N. I. K.

Urgent problems of modern statistic science and practice
Y. T. K.

Stock exchanges: theory and practice
A. L. N., R. M. N.

Modernization of governmental regulation tools for sale activity of agricultural enterprises
M. A. T.

Urgent models of classification, structuring and comparison of national pension systems
A. P. S.

Social Sciences

Social audit of youth programs as social technology
V. E. P.

Ways of state support of innovative activity for small and medium enterprises
V. S. T.


Upbringing potential of family as a factor of initial child’s socialization
N. T. K.

Evaluation and self-assessment of personal education achievements of students in professional lyceum
Y. E. K.

Structure and functions of professional steadiness of officers in internal forces of Russian Federation
A. V. K.

The problems of family’s self-determination in upbringing activity
A. F. M.

Ideas of social and pedagogical heritage in the structure of educational andragogical paradigm
V. S. S., A. N. I.

Political and Historical Sciences

About essence of relations in working and service spheres
R. R. S.

Democracy or autocracy?
V. L. Y.


Method of conceptual substitution in airline companies’ slogans as a method of new script creation for future flight
V. P. K.

Linguistic cognitive aspect of ironic expressions in modern German political journalism
A. I. K.

Metaphor of English adoptions in the process of their semantic adaptation in Russian language and speech
G. O. S., L. O. Y.