Issue №5 (13) May 2011


Understanding and identification’s formation
M. M. B.

Cognitive potential’s evaluation in the theory of modernization
A. A. I.

The problem of interaction between language and mind
I. N. L.


The problems of theoretical basis for ecological accounting
A. I. A.

Theoretical aspects of stable’s research of productive-marketing systems
A. D. G., M. R. M.

Ecological protection in the structure of national security
V. S. A.

About social responsibility of small and medium enterprises
N. O. D.

Methodology of operational risk’s estimation for commercial bank
V. A. D.

Factors of informativity and creativity level’s decline in advertising
V. E. K.

Raw materials constituent of energy of XXI century in world scale
E. L. N., N. M. V.

Solvency criteria of commercial bank
A. P. P.

Economic theory and Economics: subject’s differences and research methods
V. V. S., N. V. L., D. A. P.

Land market formation’s peculiarities
E. A. C.

Innovative development as objective economic phenomenon
S. V. Y.

Social Sciences

«Friends» and «strangers»: socio-cultural markers

Urgent problems of regional system of population’s social security
S. E. R.

Homeland’s betrayal in the focus of sociological analysis
V. S. G.

Higher education for the people with hearing disorders
V. S. K.

Virtual network users’ participation in lawmaking process
R. D. M.


Educational sphere formation’s conditions at physical education and sport institutions of additional education for children
M. A. A.

Self-governing activity as social and pedagogical category
F. I. Y.

Eastern Christianity as a basis of Russian Orthodox church and Old Russian state
V. I. K.

Professional steadiness evaluation of officers at MIA
A. V. K.

Emotional constituents’ study of labor’s satisfaction
V. R. G., E. E. G.

Creative perosnality’s formation as a target of higher school
V. R. G., M. N. N.

Social and psychological mechanisms of personality’s socialization process in social and cultural science city’s environment
N. V. P.