Issue №4 (12) April 2011


Language and the problem of different national world-view
I. N. L.

Jesus society of XX century: philosophical and religion studying analysis
V. N. S.

Maintenance experience of cultural heritage’s monuments in the regions of resource type
A. A. N.


Integrated account system in commercial organization
A. A. S.

Strategy planning as a system characteristic of modern business organization
L. E. S.

Organization of contract wage system for middle specialists in agricultural economy
A. A. S., Y. A. P.

Methods’ system for formation management of involved financial resources of commercial bank
A. P. P.

Interdependence of social and economic state’s policy and making of financial decisions by households
N. E. P.

About new paradigm formation of economic theory
N. V. O.

Differentiation of households’ expenditures in Russia on public health and recreation according to theirs incomes
A. M. M.

Social Sciences

Mass Media’s role in propaganda of labor rehabilitation of young disabled people
V. S. K.

Self-saving guidelines in premarital behavior of youth: regional aspect of sociological research
N. E. K., N. E. N.

Family values in the context of orthodoxy
S. A. P.

Sympathy structure: triple-factor model
A. A. P.

Professional socialization of agrarian institutions’ students
Y. D. S.

Specificity of computer-indirect political communication
N. I. S.


Constructor literacy formation structure of architect students
A. I. L.

Expressive speech peculiarities of children with cerebral paralysis and different profiles of lateral brains’ organization
A. Y. K.

Sense content of family context as determinant of child’s maladjustment in school
A. O. S.

Political and Historical Sciences

Regional peculiarities of electoral processes in India in XX-XXI
Z. A. H.


«The stone guest» and West European story-compositional tradition
G. E. A.

Application of English language color-marks in secondary nomination
S. E. L.

Metalinguistic reflection in historical text by V. O. Klyuchevsky
G. N. S.

Terminological adoptions in the development process of Tatar’s juridical language terminology
M. G. T.

Translation’s theory and practice of Bible’s metaphor
M. P. S.