Issue №2 (11) February 2011


Differentiation and integration in the context of culture
M. M. B.

Origin of the definition «bohemia»
N. A. S.

Temporality in the structure of rational social action
M. A. G.

Diagnostic of musical skills at the elementary stage of teaching as a determining factor for realization of child’s creative perspectives
M. E. P.


The problems of human resources reproduction in the mirror of humanitarian sciences
M. A. I.

The main theoretical aspects of labor organization: intellectuality and innovation
Y. A. P.

Anti-crisis territory management: main definitions and criteria
A. V. T.

The peculiarities of dynamic balance contour distributive model of cost valuations
V. V. S., M. S. B.

Audit of territorial foundations: definition and understanding
A. V. T.

Social Sciences

Russian-speaking emigration in FRG: some contradictions and identifications
E. S. V.

Theoretical and methodological problems of social risks studying
V. E. K.

Formation of self-training organizations in the context of social self-organization theory
A. E. K.

Students’ busyness influence on professional training of specialists
A. V. O.

Selective social help as target and rational activity: theoretical approach
N. E. R.

Institutes of civil society in the system of social control
P. V. H.


Family violence as one of the factors determining victim behavior
N. N. L.

Formation and development of adults’ pedagogy in international context
V. A. M.

Formation of resource center on the basis of innovative school as educational organization in the system of training
V. L. R.