Publication Fee

To publish your paper in the journal of scientific publications “Discussion” requires paying the arrangement fee of 800 rubles each page but not more than 15 000 rubles for the whole paper. The papers of more than 19 pages (up to 30 pages) are paid at maximum tariff.

The fee also includes keywords, abstract, reference list and translation of these items.

The papers are not published without payment in advance.

Payment is carried out only after acceptanceby the editorial board (reviewer) on the base of submitted invoice.

Author’s copy isn’t included in the publication feeand must be paid by an author for 600 rubles each copy (including delivery). PDF copy of the journal is sent to an author by email (for free).

Those who wish can get a fresh issue of the journal on a paid-for basis by subscribing the journal. The subscription can be for any amount of issues. The subscription rules are at the page: "Journal subscription"

The journal is not focused on getting profit from the fees. This payment covers work of the editorial board for preparation and publishing of journal issues, including salaries of the editorial board.