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Mission of the journal is to familiarize wide readership with the developments of Russian and foreign scientists in the field of the national economy of Russia as well as to support the community of economy scientists and all those who are ready to participate in the discourse related to the development of the economic life of society. It is also popularization of Russian and world experience in solving pressing issues of functioning and development of social institutions and impact of local and global economies on them.

The purpose of the “Discussion” journal is to create a discussion platform for scientists working in the field of solving the issues of developing the national economy of the Russian Federation, as well as of accounting and statistics applied issues. 


— provide scientists working in the field of social and economic sciences with the opportunity to publish the results of their research;

— popularize the results of scientific studies of scientists dealing with issues of the national economy of Russia, as well as with accounting and statistics issues;

— draw the attention of a wide readership to the problems of the socio-economic life of the Russian community;

— provide an exchange of views between researchers, create a discussion platform for scientists, allowing them to argue their position in the discussion of controversial issues relating to pressing issues in society and the impact of economic processes on it.

Журнал научных публикаций «Дискуссия»

Content of the last issue of the journal
№5 (96) Октябрь 2019

Economic and social aspects of business and entrepreneurship

Attitude of students to entrepreneurship
Kokh I. A.

Particularity economic and social development of regions

Assessment of potential and peculiarities of socio-economic development of regions of the Ural federal district
Demyanenko A. E.

Research of problems and prospects for the socio-economic development of intra-city municipalities of the city of Sevastopol
Shunevych O. B., Петрова P. A., Chernaya D. S.

Investments and Innovations

Actual problems of managing innovative activity of industrial personnel
Belkin V. N., Belkina N. A., Antonova O. A.

Environmental Economics and Social Ecology

Modern approaches to solving the environmental and economic problems of urban transport
Teslyuk L. M., Dukmasova N. V., Rumyantseva A. V., Berezyuk M. V.

Accounting and Audit

Analysis of financial stability of a public company on the basis of accounting (financial) statements: russian and international experience
Gorbunova N. A.