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ISSN 2077-7639.
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Issue: №7 (59) August 2015  Rubric: Pedagogy

Model representation of teacher’s prognostic skills’ development process

T.A. Sultanova, Candidate of pedagogy, Docent,
The department of common and professional pedagogy,
Orenburg State University,
Orenburg, Russia
The article considers the problem of pedagogical personnel training for realization of professional activity on prognostic base. In this connection the meaning of prognostic skills’ development is defined, it means specially organized and target process which actualizes internal potential of prognostic skills of personality and allows starting a mechanism for their development. This paper exposes the technological peculiarities of teachers’ prognostic skills’ development process: decomposition of target, pedagogical conditions, realization methods of educational forecasting, forms of interactions. The author connects the development of prognostic skills with enrichment of forecasting elements’ interaction content according to personal and professional requirements of pedagogues; phased development of prognostic skills in the way of professional prognostic tasks’ solution; application of methods of collective, group and individual forecasting for promoting mastering of general algorithm of prognostic activity. The developed by pedagogues forecasts are considered by the authors from the point of professional significance and personal senses. The article provides the author’s model of teachers’ prognostic skills’ development process integrating the targeting, process, criteria-value and result-correcting modules. The model was tested in the frames of pedagogical personnel training system.
Key words: predictive skill, educational forecasting, model, development of prognostic skills, criteria for the development of predictive skills
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