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Issue: №1 (53) January 2015  Rubric: Pedagogy

Personalized educational route of teacher-musician

O.V. Dedyukhina, Candidate of pedagogy,
pedagogue of additional education,
Center of creative development and musical-esthetic education for children and youth «Radost»,
Moscow, Russia
The article discusses personalized educational route of music teachers as author program of implementation of the system of additional professional education and self-education are designed in a creative algorithm of musical-pedagogical activity. Projecting personalizes educational route, teacher and musician, performs the selection of educational programs, educational services, provides training, based on internal needs and resources of the person on the path of professional growth, professional development and self-improvement. Personalized educational route of teacher-musician is considered as a matrix of educational process, generated during the active development of teacher socio-cultural environment. The route combines a set of features of professional activity of teacher-musician, displays created individual model of the “culture”, in which he projects his professional career, creatively self-fulfilling in the system of additional professional musical-pedagogical education. In the process of creative ideas’ realization - personalized educational routes are views of teacher-musician concerning his professional activity, which is carried out in two directions: scientific-methodical work and musical self-improvement. Feature of professional development of the teacher-musician on personalized educational route is the provision of a qualified scientific-methodical support directly to the educational institution where he carries out his professional activities. Publications and presentations at scientific conferences, presentations and speeches on pedagogical councils and readings developed by teachers’ educational programs, training manuals and methodological developments, workshops, and etc. are results of self-development, self-realization and selfeducation. A special kind of musical-pedagogical creativity is musical activities of the teacher-musician. Its main objective is a continuous professional development of teacher and as a musician performer.
Key words: personification, a personalized educational track, continuing professional education, teachermusician
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