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ISSN 2077-7639.
Publication frequency – monthly, except in July.
The humankind has an inalienable right of property for truth because they created and creates it by its own life; therefore nobody can deprive that belongs to them, on the contrary the science as a source of truth should be opened for everyone: let everyone go and take what one wants.
N. V. Shelgunov

Dear readers and writers!

Polythematic journal of scientific publications "Discussion" is included in the list of journals Higher Attestation Commission (the list of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should publish main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctors and candidates) and the Russian system of scientific quotation index.

The journal’s mission is a coming to know of the wide readers’ audience of developments of Russian and foreign scientists in the fields of economics and sociology, and also to be a support of scientific society of economists, sociologists and all the people who wants to take part in discourse connected with development of civil life.

The main goal of the journal “Discussion” is a creation of discussion ground for scientists engaged in the field of development problems’ solution of civil and economic life of Russian and world society, conducting research of controversial sociocultural and socioeconomic development of social systems.

It includes the popularization of Russian and world experience of urgent problems’ solution experience of functioning and development of social institutions and influence of local and world economy on them.


  • providing for scientists engaged in the field of public and economic sciences an ability to publish outcomes of research works;
  • attraction of readers’ attention to the problems of social and economic life of society;
  • guaranteeing of researchers’ opinions’ exchange, creation of discussion ground for scientists allowing arguing positions in disputable questions concerning urgent problems in society’s life and its influence on processes in economy.


Dear colleagues! We invite you to creative cooperation. Read and subscribe to scientific journal «Discussion» and publish your articles at its pages.

Yours faithfully, editorial board

Polythematic journal of scientific publications "Discussion" was founded in 2010 in Yekaterinburg.

The founder (publisher) of the journal: OOO "Institute of Modern Management".

Certificate of registration media: ПИ № ФС77-46280 issued by the Federal Service for supervision of communications, information technology and communications (Roscomnadzor).

ISSN 2077-7639

Subscription index in the United catalogue "The Russian Press" № 13092

The journal is released in Russian language with the number of copies 500, 11 times a year (monthly, except in July).

The journal has constant thematic parts (headings):
• 08.00.00 – "Economics"

All the materials, submitted to the journal’s editorial board, are selected and reviewed according to «Regulation on reviewing scientific articles in the journal «Discussion».

The full articles you can find for free on the journal’s website in the heading «Issues archive».